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Facilitators Without Borders

Facilitators Without Borders (FWB) travels the world to communities faced with complex problems and few resources. Its facilitators work with people in the community to find creative solutions. "We bring people to solutions, not solutions to people" is the tag line and also the heart of the FWB model. Past successes include a trash removal system for the city of Marcos Juárez, Argentina, and an after-school program for the Somali youth in Toronto. "We don't go in and say, 'We're going to solve your problem,'" FWB president John Sedgwick says.  "Instead, we ask if they can get their leadership together, and then we hold the space and create activities and events through which they can solve their own problems." To explore whether you want to get involved or simply to learn more about the organization, FWB invites you to explore its site at or contact John Sedgwick at
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