Over the last two decades, organization leaders from around the world have increasingly focused attention on our connectivity as scholars and practitioners of creativity.  Due to these discussions, it was determined that the field would benefit from a forum for continual learning about creativity practice worldwide.

The International Forum of Creativity Organizations (IFCO) was developed to provide an information and networking hub for creativity organizations and individual creatives across the globe.  Information is shared on creativity organizations, events, degree programs, special projects, and potential partnerships (limited to non-profit and not-for profit organizations and projects).

Global Advisory Council

Antonio Basauri (Chile)
David Magellan Horth (USA)
Kobus Neethling (South Africa)
Kirpal Singh (Singapore)
Ken Wall (Australia)
Olwen Wolfe (France)

Robert Alan Black
Tara Grey Coste
International Forum of Creativity Organizations
connecting innovators across the globe